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At improve, dont move, trust is the most important factor in the decision making process of which companies we use. We want to make sure your hard earned money is in safe hands. 

How we choose our companies - Each company we use goes through a rigorous and continuous vetting procedure to ensure you always get the most value for money. 

Initially we will contact reputable companies in your area and perform technical analysis on various different sections of the business to find their strengths and weaknesses. This includes: 

  • Meeting the staff & owners

  • Visiting the work place 

  • Verifying their reviews 

  • Contacting their customers to get first hand feed back 

  • Visiting completed jobs to see the finished product and take pictures

  • Rating their efficiency and turnaround timeframes 

  • Customer service performance

  • Reliability 

  • And last but certainly not least - Price 

This enables us to paint a picture of what the company truly looks like from all angles, which saves you a lot of time because if they dont meet our standards - we wont work with them. Which also means if you like what they have to say and find their price reasonable - you can get the ball rolling without having to sit through another 2 or 3 quotes. If they dont meet what you’re looking for, we will contact another company on your behalf to see if they can help instead.